American Roots UK

"...there are certainly echoes of classic country rock, a little psychedelia, pop rock, even an occasional folksiness, but it is very much a song driven mini album (or is it e.p?) that bows to no particular style, instead choosing to let the lyrics do the talking whilst using whatever instrumentation he thought necessary to get the best out of the songs. I suspect he and most other musicians will find it very difficult to top this excellent recording!"

"I actually think this disc is his best yet, containing some great songs that tell real stories allied to melodies that will be the envy of most musicians who hear them."

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Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster

"Great song, great production. Very fine indeed!"

FATEA Magazine

"There aren’t half measures or compromises. He writes from, and straight to, the heart. When he writes, then you have to listen.

"There is a natural spikiness about Freeman’s songwriting, but he has an innate propensity and skill that allows him to slightly burr those caustic edges when it comes to forthright lyrical cynicism and comment. Back in the early 80’s, Weller was a master at this game. Jamie Freeman is about as close as you’ll get to that art nowadays.

"...this EP serves to highlight just how good a songwriter Freeman really is. His work as a sought-after producer and record label owner may well have limited his recorded output over the last few years, but the 'Hasia Dreams' EP is a well-timed reminder to the world at large, that here in England we have a songwriter capable of matching the best."

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Reviews for 100 Miles From Town

"This is a great CD that should be nominated for Best Album at the Folk Awards." 4.5 Stars - Maverick Magazine

"...the UK's very own Americana virtuosos." Spiral Earth

"100 Miles From Town - the Jamie Freeman Agreement set about defining English Americana." FATEA

"...his band deliver a robust and thoroughly competent collection of roots-rock anthems" 7/10 Americana UK

"thoughtful, classy and at times downright inspired arrangements" R2 Magazine

"...a dedication to his craft that makes this a pretty special album, a tour-de-force tour of Americana from an English perspective." Flyinshoes Review

"It is high quality, beautifully written, arranged, sung, played and produced music that keeps the listener in thrall for the entire twelve songs of this album." American Roots UK

"A prime example of how we can compete over here with the best over there. This multi-merited release has the potential to nestle securely amongst the finest of British purveyors of this music style." Three Chords & The Truth

"His voice can touch you with the fragility of Nick Drake, while other songs will sweep you up in bouncy enthusiasm and drop you into the heart of Nashville. " Viva Lewes